Newsletter – November 2019

Sarah at Lake MichiganNew News!!

Great time to purchase Gift Cards for the holidays and special occasions for the ones you love; and the ones who would benefit from yoga practice and/or wellness coaching sessions. Contact Sarah to get one now at 616-893-5661.


Are you ready?? We are excited about will be starting our new class starting in January 2020 on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm. It is a 60-minute class with vinyasa flows designed to build heat and strength. This practice is a total body workout that will enhance circulation and lengthen and strengthen musculature, improve performance, prevent injuries, and bring more joy to your sport by supplementing it with this yoga class.  Great way to enhance your sport!

Special Events and Schedule Changes

There will be NO yoga classes on December 24, 25, and 31st. and January 1st due to the holidays.  Take the time to find gratitude with your friends and families. Time to refresh, renew, and relax in this busy time.  Find your breath in all situations…it will help you to be fully present and have less stress during the holiday times.

Family Yoga Saturdays, ongoing classes 11:00-11:30 AM
Family yoga is an all-ages activity with a focus on the benefits of mindfulness.  Parents/family and children together will engage in fun poses, learn how to breathe, be creative with yoga activities/games, and relax. Location: Englehardt (Lowell) Library.  Space is limited; first-come, first-servedThis class is FREE.

There will be no Monday evening classes in December.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


How many are you afraid to change? What is holding you back from growing and becoming the person you really want to be? Coaching is a great experience. You will be amazed with yourself on what you are capable of doing!

Health and wellness coaches help clients make positive and lasting changes to their health. Our coach guides clients through the process of creating a vision for their health and well-being, developing a healthy mindset and healthy habits, and encouraging them every step of the way until they accomplish their goals. Are you ready for a change?? Together we can do this!  Call today for a FREE discovery session at 616-893-5661.

LIVE.PLAY. SHOP. LOCAL. We Accept LOWELL BUCK$ at the Hammock.

Free Family Yoga Classes in Lowell this Fall!

Thank you to Maryalene LaPonsie of Lowell’s First Look for the wonderful write-up about our FREE YOGA CLASSES this fall!  

An excerpt from the article:

Family Yoga at Libaray 1…From September 7 to November 30, the library will be hosting family yoga classes from 11-11:30 am each Saturday. The classes are free and will be led by Sarah Ryder, an occupational therapist, registered yoga teacher and owner of The Hammock.

Classes Part of Energize Lowell Initiative

Stephanie Weaver, a branch librarian, explains the family yoga classes are part of a larger initiative that seeks to promote community wellness. Known as Energize Lowell, the initiative will eventually encompass nutrition classes offered by the YMCA, activities on trails at the Wittenbach Wege Center and perhaps other events.

There has been some evidence linking movement to improved literacy which is one reason the library was keen to offer family yoga classes. It is also an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

Family yoga was offered over the summer, and each session contained a unique mix of activities depending on who was in attendance. One week a 3-year old was in the crowd and another week, it was all adults. “It’s very easy for me to modify and change things,” Ryder says. Chairs are also available for those who want to participate but are unable to stand throughout the class.

The library has invested in mats and blocks so families don’t need to bring any equipment to the sessions.

“Americanized Yoga” Comes With Multiple Benefits

Ryder knows some people are wary of yoga because of its spiritual roots. However, these classes are what she terms Americanized yoga. “It’s movement. It’s breathing,” she says. “We’re not sitting and chanting.”…

The article concludes…

Family Yoga at Libaray 2In addition to family yoga, Weaver says the library is interested in offering a yoga program specifically for seniors. Stay tuned for more information on that.

In the meantime, Lowell residents are invited to a free yoga class on Saturday, September 14, that will take place at the Grand River Riverfront Park bridge. Ryder says she will meet participants at the bridge at 9 am and conduct an hour-long yoga session that will take advantage of the beautiful views along the Grand River. If the weather is inclement, the session will be moved to an indoor location.

For more information on yoga at the bridge, visit The Hammock on Facebook. And to learn more about happenings at the library, follow the Kent District Library – Englehardt/Lowell branch.



Hammock Poolside Yoga

At The Hammock, we have had some fantastic yoga experiences in the past years and this summer.  We have had ongoing poolside yoga at Roxanne’s a beautiful home 1-2 times each summer. Weather has been fantastic, and there is nothing like participating in yoga poolside with true nature all around. The birds, light breeze, trees gently swaying, and the white puffy clouds drifting by. The pool is heated, the light, delightful refreshments and snacks were to die for, and the sense of community and friendship found from the yoga students is wonderful.  Thank you so much for the poolside yoga!

Wine & Yoga Event

We had a great time during our Wine and Yoga event at Revival Café and Market. Jennifer Mitchell, the owner, opened her doors to The Hammock yoga class during the evening. The experience was just “perfect” as the regular lights were dimmed and twinkle lights gently twinkled above our heads.  Light music played and we found focus and delight as we successfully completed balance poses while holding the filled wine glasses without spilling. We ended the evening with light conversations and fabulous wine. Both men and women attended the event.

By the way, the Café has delicious cinnamon rolls!