You’re Probably Forgetting to Breathe

You're Probably Forgetting to BreatheThere is no pretending our world is going to slow down anytime soon. But you can…anytime you want, anywhere you are, with a simple tool you were born with: your breath. Sounds pretty easy right? If we are honest, though, you many of us have thought about our breath today? Because it’s so innate to daily living, it doesn’t require extra thought. But there is value in pausing to take note of this elemental pillar of our health. Lots of people breathe only using the top one-third of their lungs without even realizing it. Those shallow breaths don’t give the body the oxygen it needs to thrive. But deep breaths reset the body physically, taking a person out of the stressful patterns it’s so easy to get locked into.

Now for the really good news: You can start breathing better right now. All that’s required of you is more conscious inhale, then exhale. Then repeat. Need to find a little more breath. Try yoga or even health and wellness coaching to find less stress and more breath. We offer both at The Hammock LLC.

Let’s Talk About Sore Throats

Let’s Talk About Sore ThroatsI recently had a sore throat that started shortly after lunch. I try to be proactive in my health care so I quickly grabbed some of my Thieves products from Young Living. First I gargled with the Thieves Mouth Wash then I put a couple of drops of Thieves Vitality oil in my mouth just under my tongue. I also put some drops of the Thieves Vitality oil in my water to drink.

By dinner, things were feeling much better but just to safe, I added some Lemon Vitality oil and Peppermint Vitality oil to my water also.  By bedtime, my throat was completely better. But as I like to be proactive I continued drinking my water with all three oils in it for a few days. I also put all three oils in my diffuser at night.

Now four days later I still a pain-free throat and no other sinus issues came through! Gotta love it when the oils work to make me feel better! Remember I am not saying any of this will cure something – I just know it helps me.

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De-Stress with Art

FDe-Stress with Arteeling overwhelmed? You might want to bust out a pack of colored pencils, crayons, colored markers, and even paints. Individuals report that they feel better, have more confidence, and are less stressed and anxious when they participate in some type of art.  When we create, we are using our senses and engaging in a form of problem-solving. This gives us a sense of accomplishment and lets us express the emotions we can’t put into words. There is much potential in art which includes improved cognitive, sensory, motor skills, and a feeling of calm and well-being.


Getting Grounded (earthing)

Getting Grounded (earthing)The phenomenon of being grounded involves being centered, focused, embodied, and in better control of all your faculties. It is a helpful state of being for reducing anxiety, dealing with depression, and addressing trauma.

Walk in the Grass in Bare Feet!

What is it: Take off your shoes and allow the soles of your feet to come in contact with the sand, grass, rocks, soil, or even indoors.

Why it works: People who talk about the phenomenon of earthing describe the electron transfer between living systems and the electromagnetic field of the earth. They may sound a bit esoteric, but research does confirm the antioxidant effects of walking barefoot on the earth. Some of the additional benefits include stimulation of reflexology points on the feet as well as the articulation of the joints of the foot and the benefits of the massaging action of walking barefoot on the fascia and other tissues of the feet.

Walk inside with bare feet while its cold, but get outside with those bare feet when it warms up.

How to Protect Yourself from Germs

How to Protect Yourself from GermsHello, let’s talk about things that can be done to help us navigate through these infectious times. By now everyone has heard about using hand sanitizer and washing your hands regularly. Did you know that Young Living has both of these products and that the ones from Young Living not only kills germs but also can help boost your immune system? A win-win if you ask me!

These are both a part of the Thieves line of products for Young Living. They also have an All-Purpose Cleaner, a Thieves Spray, a Fruit & Vegetable Spray, Throat Lozenges, and Thieves Mints that I have been using frequently throughout all of this infectious time.

How do I use these you ask, well I use the all-purpose cleaner to clean all surfaces in my home. I also use the all-purpose cleaner to make up a spray to use as an air freshener to clean the air in my house and to clean my gloves after coming back inside. The thieves spray I use for such things as cleaning my hands after opening the mail every.  I also use the spray to clean off my groceries when I get home before putting them away. That may be a bit of an overkill but it doesn’t take long and I would rather be safe than sorry. I use the Fruit & Vegetable spray to clean my fruits and vegetables.

Then there are the Thieves Throat Lozenges and Mints. These I put in my mouth when I leave the house to help boost my immune system when I am out of the house. If it is a short time the mints work great. If it is going to be a bit longer or I know I will be close to others I use the lozenges as they last longer.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the information in these blogs please feel free to contact me through The Hammock LLC.

Well, that is it for now. We will chat again later. Stay safe during these infectious times.



GardeningWhat it is: Just like it sounds, gardening (called horticultural therapy) has benefits in addition to eating the fresh vegetables you have grown.

How it works: Gardening is shown to reduce depression, uplift mood, and improve memory. Some of this may be related to the effects of being outside in the sunshine, and fresh air, as well as enjoying the benefits of moving and getting exercise. There is also research that shows that being exposed to soil microbes actually has a similar effect on the brain and nervous system as some anti-depressants.

Forest Bathing

Forest BathingWhat is it? Japanese name for this practice is Shinrin-Yoku. Distinct from hiking, forest bathing is a practice of simply spending time in nature without any agenda. You can be in a remote area or even a park or urban forest to experience the benefits. Find a spot you love that is easy to access and just go outside. Refrain from text messaging.

How it works – Proven stress-relief comes from spending unstructured time in nature. There is a growing body of research that confirms the benefits, which include stress-reduction, improved immune system function, and reduction in anxiety and depression.

My favorite places for forest bathing are Lake Michigan, and in the woods in the fall and winter when there are few people. What is your favorite place to “forest bathe”? I love to either walk mindfully or just sit in one spot. Give it a try…I bet you will feel a sense of peace and a clearer mind.

Sugar…What is so bad about it?

SugarI am continuing to hear about all the bad things on what sugar does to the body.  I have decided to do some research into this favorite delightful tasty treat and see what is so bad about it. Here is what I am finding…

Sugar is a natural ingredient that has been in our diets for thousands of years. It is a simple carbohydrate and when broken down it provides energy to the body. How fast or slow it’s broken down is the key and makes all the difference in how our bodies respond to it. Anything thing that ends in “ose” is sugar. The most common sugars are:

Sucrose: table sugar which is made of glucose and fructose. It is extracted from sugarcane and is found in fruits and veggies.

Fructose and glucose: are found in fruits, honey, and veggies.

Lactose is called milk sugar because it is found in milk and dairy products.

Maltose is known as malt sugar and is found in malted drinks and beer.

There is a difference between refined and processed sugars such as table sugar and unprocessed sugars that are naturally found in fruits and veggies. Unprocessed sugars contain help promoting nutrients that break down at a slower rate. While refined sugars such as candy and baked goods do not have health benefits and break down at a faster rated which is not good.

Natural sugars, when eaten in balance with other healthy foods, are more health-promoting. This can make natural sugars nutrient-dense food.  Eating processed sugars are always health-depleting and are empty-calorie foods. Processed sugars also rob the body of essential nutrients and can leave the body nutrient-deficit.  They have no B vitamins, chromium, magnesium, zinc or other minerals that the body needs to digest and metabolize.

I have craved sugar for some time now, and I am just starting to really realize that refined sugar can destroy the body.   There is much more information to come…stay tuned as I continue to figure out the sugar craze.

Peppermint Essential Oil from Young Living

Peppermint Essential OilI love this oil because it helps me in so many ways. Keep in mind these are ways that Peppermint Essential Oil from Young Living has helped me. I am not saying that it will cure these issues – only how it has helped me with these issues.  I am not a doctor. That being said I use Peppermint for the following:

  • To help me focus or wake up
  • To clear up my sinuses from a cold or allergies
  • To calm my upset stomach
  • To help with bowel movements
  • To help with heartburn
  • To cool off on a hot summer day

I tend to keep a bottle at the office so I can open it and simply let it sit on my desk – open – for 5 minutes. This helps to clear up any sinus issues I may be having. I also like to do this in the afternoon when I hit that afternoon slump. Smelling Peppermint helps to wake me up and focus my thoughts back on my work. I’ll rub a drop or two of Peppermint Essential Oil from Young Living on my stomach when I am not feeling well or I am having digestive issues. I heard recently that someone puts one or two drops in their toilet before sitting down when they need to have a bowel movement.

I have also put one or two drops of Peppermint Essential Oil from Young Living under my tongue to help with heartburn. In the summer it is nice to have a spray bottle with some of the peppermint oil and water combined to help me cool off in the heat. If you try this be sure you do not spray this on your face or in your eyes. Lastly, Peppermint oil is one of the 3 oils I use from Young Living as support for my sinus allergies. I combine the Peppermint with Lavender and Lemon in a capsule with the Young Living V6 carrier oil.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the information in these blogs please feel free to contact me through The Hammock LLC.

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Taking Care of Yourself

Taking Care of YourselfYour children can often pick up on your stress much like a sponge.

  • Do routine things to ensure less stress for all
  • Do your best to make sure the entire family eats a balanced meal to stay well and nourished. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and exercise.
  • Do not forget to take care of yourself. If you are not feeling okay, it conflicts with the order of everything else.
  • Take a nap, read a book, or take a long hot bath. Relaxation is one of the ways you can best approach the struggles with that following stress and anxiety.