Feeling Vulnerable with Conversations?

Feeling Vulnerable with Conversations?Try using these questions to become comfortable within the situations and/or get people talking.  Here are a few starter questions to try:

  • When was the last time you laughed until you cried? The last time you cried until you laughed.
  • What is one-way you’d like to be more like your parents? One way you would like to be different?
  • How is your current life different from what you imagined it would be when you were a child? How is it the same?
  • What was your high/low of the day? Of the week?
  • Where-either a physical location or place in your mind…did you love going as a child?
  • What made you feel brave recently?
  • What is one step that you could take toward a big risk this week?

These are great and powerful questions that could move you toward what you want in your life. Our Health and Wellness Coach can help you find your answers and move you forward in your goals.