How to Experience Yoga in a Welcoming Environment

How to Experience Yoga in a Welcoming EnvironmentYoga students typically seek out a quiet, tranquil, and breath-focused environment with minimal distraction. Here is some etiquette that can help maintain calm:

  1. Arrive early…it helps you to get in the right mindset, and it won’t interrupt others.
  2. Plan to stay for the whole class. It is very disruptive when someone gathers their belongings and opens doors to leave.
  3. Leave your shoes at the door or on the trays. This shows a sign of respect and doesn’t get the floors wet during inclement weather.
  4. Leave your cellphone outside the room. That way you won’t disturb the other students and it won’t distract you from being present.
  5. Bring water, towel, and if possible, your own mat.  Drink your water at the end, as through the yoga practice your body builds a digestive fire, necessary to break down food. You want to keep that fire going during the yoga class. A towel can be used to wipe sweat or to use as a prop. Bringing your own mat is great for hygienic reasons and can connect with your personal mat.
  6. Avoid perfume or scented lotion. This could be distracting or disturbing to the other students. Essential oils are fine if used in moderation.
  7. Wear appropriate clothing. Wear something that is comfortable, stretchy and breathable. Modesty is traditionally a part of yoga practice.
  8. Let the teacher know about any physical issues and preferences. Before class is a good time to touch base with the teacher on any issues that may impact your time there. Let the teacher know if you are uncomfortable with hands-on assistance.
  9. Clean up after class. Wipe the mats down and put the props away where they belong.
  10. Be compassionate and don’t judge others. Reactions are not necessary for passing gas or making other noises. Focus on yourself, and be ok with yourself and your practice. Enjoying just being you.