January Spotlight – Kathy Walsh

Kathy with Husband and DogsI consider myself to be an active person.  I garden, horseback ride and do the care of my horse, love to walk with and work with my dogs, and play with my grandkids. I also have my “pups” who are certified therapy dogs who visit hospitals, schools, and assisted living facilities. They are amazing. Sometimes Sammy also visits the yoga studio.

About 3 years ago, I noticed I was stiff at times, less flexible and was losing some strength.  That’s when I decided to try yoga.  It only took a few months to notice my energy and stamina with on the rise!  I was less achy and sleeping better.  And now I surprise myself with how much my balance and strength have improved!  At 66, I feel better than I did ten years ago.  And I have a friend going to yoga, too!  We have such a good time in our classes with Sarah!

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