Let’s Talk About Plantar Fasciitis

Let’s Talk About Plantar FasciitisIt’s painful and hard to get rid of. I haven’t had plantar fasciitis for 4 years until this last week.

Four years ago I tried exercise and over the counter pain meds to get rid of it. Nothing really worked. It kept coming back. Eventually, I got desperate and tried some Agilease from Young Living. Agilease supports joint and cartilage health, helps with inflammation, joint flexibility and mobility.

I had some on hand and someone had suggested I try Agilease. I took 2 before bed and the next morning the pain was 50% better. I continued to take 2 Agilease before bed for two more days. On the 3rd day the pain was completely gone. It didn’t come back for 4 years!

When it did come back this last week I took 2 Agilease before bed for two days and the pain was gone! I tell you, I love this stuff and it works great for me!

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