13 Reasons Why We Crave Sugar, Which Can Take Us Out of Balance

  1. Why We Crave SugarDehydration
  2. Addiction-especially sugar
  3. Not enough food or calories
  4. Not enough protein
  5. Not enough fats
  6. Not enough carbs
  7. Too much protein
  8. Too much stress
  9. Not enough acid from foods
  10. Not enough alkalizing foods
  11. Not enough sweet flavors
  12. Not enough nutrient-dense food
  13. Emotional

The reason why we crave salt: processed foods adding salt to all foods which can affect the kidneys and adrenals.

When in doubt, drink water first and then ask yourself what and when did I eat last, and what do I need to create balance.

Interesting quote: “People are fed by the FOOD industry which pays no attention to HEALTH and are treated by the HEALTH industry which pays no attention to FOOD. – Wendall Berry