The Hammock InspirationThe Hammock…interesting name you say. The Hammock originated with an idea sparked while lying comfortably supported in a hammock. While embraced by the hammock a sense of security, peace, relaxation, and reduced stress came over me. It felt like my body was in the right position to improve flexibility and balance. All those factors are desired by most of us and became the inspiration for The Hammock.

At The Hammock, we know the vitality and joy of life are more than a wish. It can become a reality through consistent mindfulness, personal strategy, and yoga practice. We offer a comfortable studio where you can be yourself and feel accepted for who you are.

Our purpose at The Hammock is to create an atmosphere where each person finds renewed confidence in their abilities to make positive changes in their lifestyle, physical abilities, mental clarity, and self-image. We have achieved our goal when you are thriving and flourishing.

Yoga all agesThrough various programs, seminars, and activities, we work with you to define personal goals within your areas of interest and aspirations. Our purpose is to help you develop a healthy pattern of self-care that allows you to reduce stress, explore healthy alternatives as you blossom and grow into the person you are motivated to become. We will design goals and establish routines that unite your weaknesses with your strengths to overcome challenges and capitalize on your unique potential.

At The Hammock, we love people of all ages and abilities. We look at the whole person, not just the symptoms or problems. Our vision for each individual is for them to improve in the areas they identify as their own health and wellness goals. We believe it is important for each person to own their experience, process, and integrate how their mind-body systems work. We are committed to helping you to reach your full fitness potential.

Our goal is to assist you by guiding you to find stress resilience, release tension, strengthen and tone, restore calm and balance, and promote health and wellness, all through a holistic approach. We are satisfied when you are satisfied.

If you are ready to start your journey to optimal wellness, we are ready to help you take the next right step. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.