Are you Nutritionally Bankrupt?

Are you Nutritionally BankruptIt is important to distinguish between refined and processed sugars and unprocessed sugars that are naturally found in foods like vegetables, dairy, and fruits. The difference is the food that contains unprocessed natural sugars also contain health-promoting nutrients like water, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and phytonutrients, and bread down to sugar at a slower rate. Foods that contain refined and processed sugars such as candy and commercial baked goods do not have health benefits and break down sugars at a faster rate is NOT GOOD.  Eating in balance with other healthy food, and foods that contain natural sugars are health-promoting. Foods that contain refined and processed sugars as always health depleting and are empty-calorie foods. The devoid of all key nutrients which rob essential nutrients such as B vitamins, chromium, zinc, magnesium that we need.

Look at this situation as a bank account.  If you withdraw money from your bank account and never replenish the money. You become financially broke. This is the same thing that happens in regards to our health when we eat too many processed sugars.

Bottom line: Processed sugars are horrible for your body…natural sugars have health-promoting nutrients.

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