Let’s Talk About Sore Throats

Let’s Talk About Sore ThroatsI recently had a sore throat that started shortly after lunch. I try to be proactive in my health care so I quickly grabbed some of my Thieves products from Young Living. First I gargled with the Thieves Mouth Wash then I put a couple of drops of Thieves Vitality oil in my mouth just under my tongue. I also put some drops of the Thieves Vitality oil in my water to drink.

By dinner, things were feeling much better but just to safe, I added some Lemon Vitality oil and Peppermint Vitality oil to my water also.  By bedtime, my throat was completely better. But as I like to be proactive I continued drinking my water with all three oils in it for a few days. I also put all three oils in my diffuser at night.

Now four days later I still a pain-free throat and no other sinus issues came through! Gotta love it when the oils work to make me feel better! Remember I am not saying any of this will cure something – I just know it helps me.

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