Getting to Change – Session 2 with the Support of Coaching

Getting to ChangeIndividuals need to:

  1. Recognized the disadvantage of the status quo.
  2. Recognize the advantages of change.
  3. Hold some optimism about change.
  4. Have an intention to change.
  5. Make a commitment to change.

Recognize the disadvantage of status quo:

  • I never really thought about how…
  • I think I have not taken this serious enough
  • I can see now that if I don’t change…. I could die sooner

Recognize the advantages of change:

  • If I weigh less, I could buy regular size clothing
  • If I weighed a normal weight, I would have more energy
  • I would probably feel better if I exercised
  • I might enjoy my grandchildren more as they grow up

Expressing optimism about change:

  • I think I could exercise 2 times a week
  • I was able to quit smoking many years ago
  • I usually can do something if I made up my mind I am going to do it
  • I think I can do this with some support from family

Expressing intention to change:

  • I think it is time for me to do this
  • I have got to do something
  • This is not how I want to be the rest of my life
  • I don’t know how I will do this but I am going to have to do it

Making a commitment to change:

  • I have a plan
  • I have accountability
  • I have the drive
  • I have support